Rentals for Weddings and Events

Tables and Chairs

  • Crossback Farm Chairs

    Brown Crossback Farm Chairs - $8.50.ea Ivory Cusion $1.50 ea

  • White poly Folding Chair

    White poly folding chair - $2.25ea

  • Children's folding chair

    Children's folding chair - $2.25ea

  • Farm Table 8'

    Farm Tables 8' and 6' long $65.ea

  • 60

    60" Round Tables seats 8 - $13.ea

  • Rectangle Tables

    Rectangle Tables - 8' $13.ea 6' $12.ea


  • 5′ Rounds – Seats 8 $13
  • 6′ Rectangle – Seats 8 $11
  • 8′ Rectangle – Seats 10 $12
  • 8′ Farm Tables – Seat up to 10  $65
  • 6′ Farm Table – Seat up to 8      $65
  • Cocktail Table $11


  • White Resin w/pad $4.25
  • Cross Back Wood Chairs/pad  $10.00
  • Natural Wood w/Pad $4.25
  • White Poly $2.25

We have more varieties of tables and chairs available.  Please contact us for more specific sizes, shapes and prices.

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We have many more linens available in every color and size. Call us for more options.

  • Sequin Line of Linens

    Sequin Line of Linens in Gold, Silver and Blush/gold. Call for pricing

  • Vintage Leaf 108" round linen

    Vintage Leaf 108" round linen - Ivory $26.00ea

Vintage Linens and Furniture

Our unique collection of vintage linens and furniture gives your event character and style.  Imagine your wedding gifts on a beautiful vintage table.  Picture your friends and family signing your guest book accompanied by beautiful flowers on a vintage lace tablecloth.  Dress up an ordinary table with our vintage linens.

Farm Tables

Our farm tables are the perfect, rustic place for you to enjoy your time with your friends and family.  These farm tables are more warm and inviting than your ordinary rental tables.  Each table is 8 feet in length and seats up to 10 guests.

  • Farm Table 8'

    Farm Table 8' long $65.ea

  • Farm Table 8'

    Farm Table 8' long 37" wide $65. Cross Back Farm Chairs w/ Ivory Pad $10.00.ea

  • Farm Table 6'

    Farm Table 6' - 6' x 37"w - $65ea Smaller Farm table 6' x 29"w $60.ea


We rent china in many different styles, colors and shapes.  From simple and elegant, to stylish and colorful.

  • Vintage Dinner and Dessert Plates

    Vintage Dinner and Dessert Plates-various styles and color .85ea

  • Black dessert plate and coffee cup

    Black Dessert plate and coffee cup/saucer .55ea

  • Blue Tin Plates

    Blue Tin plate, bowl and mug .65ea

  • Celebration Dessert and Mug

    Dessert Plate and mug .75ea

  • French Ivory Plates

    French Ivory Plates - Dinner, dessert, cup/saucer .65ea

  • Glass Mug

    Glass Mug .55ea

  • Glass Plates

    Glass Plates- Dinner, dessert and bowl .55ea

  • Gold Rim Plates

    Gold Rim Plates - Dinner, dessert, B & B, cup/saucer .80ea

  • Lime green swirl 12in

    Lime Green Swirl Plate 12in $1.ea

  • Large round dinner plate 12in

    Large Round Dinner Plate 12in .75ea

  • Silver Rim Plates

    Silver Rim Plates - Dinner, dessert, bowl and cup/saucer .80ea

  • Silver Rim soup bowl

    Silver Rim Soup Bowl .80ea

  • Square Plates

    Square Plates- Dinner, dessert, B & B, cup/saucer .60ea

  • White Round Plates

    White Round Plates .60ea


These chargers are great for service dishes or for dressing up your party or wedding.

  • Silver Checked Charger

    Silver Checked Charger - $2.00 Each

  • Green Glass Charger

    Green Glass Charger - $2.50 Each

  • Gold Charger

    Gold Charger $2.ea

  • Silver Charger

    Silver Charger $2.ea

Stemware and Glasses

Enhance your toasts with a selection of our fine stemware and glasses.

  • Water Glass

    Water Glass - $0.65 Each

  • Longchamp Crystal

    Longchamp Crystal - $0.85 Each

  • Beer Pilsner

    Beer Pilsner - 12 oz - $0.65 Each

  • Siena Wine Glasses

    Siena Wine Glasses - 8 oz, 12 oz, or Flutes - $0.65 Each

  • Rocks Glass

    Rocks Glass - $0.65 Each

  • Carmel Goblet

    Carmel Goblet .75ea

  • Mason Jar

    Mason Jar .55ea

  • Glass Mug

    Glass Mug .55ea

  • Vintage Pressed Glass Water Goblet

    Vintage Pressed Glass Water Goblet .85ea


Clean, elegant flatware ready for your guests.

  • Mikasa Flatware

    Miksa Flatware .60ea

  • Celini Flatware

    Celini Flatware .65ea

  • Bamboo Flatware

    Bamboo Flatware .50ea

  • Vintage Flatware

    Vintage Flatware .75ea

  • Vintage Flatware

    Vintage Flatware .75ea

  • Gold Flatware

    Gold Flatware .80ea

Service Ware

Everything you need to properly serve your guests.

  • Silver Water Pitcher

    Silver Water Pitcher $4.ea

  • Serving bowl

    Serving Bowl Large $8ea

  • Water Carafe

    Water Carafe $2.50 ea

  • Serving bowl

    Serving Bowl Med. $6.

  • Serveware

    Serveware $1.25ea

  • platter 12in and 16in

    Platters 12in $6.ea 16in $10.ea

  • Glass Water Pitcher

    Glass Pitcher $6.ea

  • Chafer trays

    Chafer Trays w/ food tray $25.ea

  • Cake knife and server

    Vera Wang Cake knife and server $10.

  • Salt and Pepper

    Salt and Pepper $1.25 per set

  • Drink Dispenser 3gal

    Drink Dispenser 3gal $25ea

  • Glass Drink Dispenser

    Glass Drink Dispenser $10.ea

Table Decor

We carry a wide variety of table decor for you to rent for your wedding or event.  Create elegant centerpieces, add some color, put together a unique look for your guest tables with all of the different decor we offer.  Call us and let us know the style of your event and we’ll help you find the perfect table decor.

  • Rustic Table Decor

    Rustic Table Decor

  • Vintage Bottles

    Vintage Bottles various sizes $1-$5ea

  • Vases

    Various Vases $3 - $8ea

  • Urn and Vintage buckets

    Grey Urn $4ea Vintage bucket $5ea

  • Candle Votives

    Candle Votives -Mercury Glass- silver and gold, Copper mosaic $2.-4. ea

  • Glass Candle Votives

    Glass Candle Votives $1. - $2.ea

  • Blue Mason Jars

    Blue Mason Jars Lg. $4. , Med. $3. Small $2.ea

  • Votives

    Votives of all size and styles

  • Frosted Vases

    Frosted Vases

Event Decor

We carry a wide variety of rentals for all sorts of events.  Back drops, coverings and accent pieces to give your event that extra flair.

  • Back Drop Chiffon

    Back Drop Chiffon

  • Grapevine Spheres

    Grapevine Spheres

  • Happily Ever After Wedding Chalkboard

    Happily Ever After Wedding Chalkboard

  • Vintage Wedding Chalkboards

    Vintage Wedding Chalkboards - call for prices

  • Shabby Chic Backdrop

    Shabby Chic Backdrop $25.

  • Marque Signs

    Marque Signs - Call for Prices

  • Birch Arch with Chiffon Draping

    Birch Arch with Chiffon Draping - $200.

  • Sweetheart table with Rose Gold Sequins linen

  • For those Colder Season Events.

  • Signs


  • Mr and Mrs Sign

    Mr and Mrs Sign

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers